Value Ticket

You can purchase a Value Ticket on your Travelcard using Nella online service or visiting any of the top-up points. The fare is charged in accordance with the number of zones you have selected. You can change the zones of a Value Ticket at Customer Serice or at a top-up point without having to buy a new Value Ticket.

The maximum value of the card is €120 (card value + purchase). The minimum of the purchase is €10.

You can change the zones also for one trip. Tell the driver before paying the trip, and he will charge the correct fare from your Value Ticket.

For instance: Pekka has bought a Value Ticket for zones AB. He wants to go shopping in zone C. The trip begins in zone B and he is changing the bus in zone A. Pekka tells the driver about the different trip, and the driver sets the fare for zones ABC. Pekka has now the right to travel in zones A, B and C for one hour. After that, the primary zone is AB again.

The ticket is personal, if there are some personal benefits (eg. students) on the card. You can let another person use your Travelcard if the ticket age group corresponds to yours.