Season Ticket

You can purchase a Season Ticket on your Travelcard using Nella online service or visiting any of our top-up points. You can choose a period of validity of 30 or 360 consecutive days. There is also a Season Ticket for 90 days, which is only sold online.

The period begins at your first trip and comprises an unlimited number of trips in zone area chosen for the ticket. You cannot change the zones during the period of validity.

Season Tickets are holder-specific if there are no personal benefits on the card. You can pay your friend's fare, the night fare or travel outside the primary zones with Value Ticket or with cash.

Don't let another person use your Travelcard, if there is any personal benefit (eg. student ticket) on the card.

A new ticket can be purchased even if your old Season Ticket is still valid. The new season will only become valid starting at the first trip after the old ticket expires. If there is also a Value Ticket on the card, the Season Ticket is primary.

If you occasionally travel outside the zones you have chosen for your Season Ticket, you can pay the fare using your Value Ticket loaded on the card. Choose PAINA POIKKEUSMATKA from the card reader in the bus and then choose the new zones.