Nysse Events Ticket

The participants of events arranged in Tampere and its surrounding municipalities can buy a right to use the blue Nysse buses of Tampere Regional Transport. The events ticket is included in the event’s own pass. The ticket is valid on standard bus lines in zones ABC or ABCDEF.

Tampere Regional Transport has pursued cooperation with a variety of events during the years. Athletes, festival, fair and congress guests, student event participants and many other groups have travelled on the blue buses.

Use of ticket

The Nysse events ticket is used as a travel ticket by the participants of different events, such as congresses, sports games and student events. An agreement must always be concluded on the use of the tickets with the public transport department. The tickets are personal and entitle the user to an unlimited number of journeys on the standard lines of the Nysse buses of Tampere Regional Transport during their validity period. A night fare is charged on night shifts from 00.00 midnight to 4.40 a.m.

It is possible to use the organizer’s own material in the Nysse events ticket, provided that the organizer of the event, the ticket validity period and the Nysse logo with zones that is available from the public transport department are clearly stated in the material. The ticket is not accepted as a bus ticket without a logo and zone information.
Show the ticket to the bus driver every time you get on a bus. The passenger may not travel without a receipt or other voucher, so the ticket is used as proof of travel right also in the case tickets are checked.

For the event organizer

The Nysse events ticket is not meant for transporting large groups simultaneously. The organizer of the event must assess whether separate chartered transport is required for the event. Additional buses can be ordered directly from the transport operator. Public transport is meant for everybody, so we suggest that the simultaneous transport of larger groups be arranged outside peak hours.

Agreements on the use of the Nysse events ticket must be concluded six weeks before the beginning of the event at the latest. The price is agreed on a case by case basis, and the price of the offered ticket includes value-added tax 10%. The tickets will be charged from the event organizer once the application has been approved. The price depends on the location of the event, the number of participants and the scope of the event.

The Nysse events ticket can be applied for with the electronic formula below six weeks before the beginning of the event at the latest. Please fill in all fields carefully. You will receive a response within 14 days.

Offer requeste for a Nysse events ticket

Whether a big or small event, please notify Tampere Regional Transport of it well in advance. This allows us to offer the best possible service for the participants of your event and to our other passengers!