Employer-Subsidized Ticket

Employer-Subsidized Ticket is a public transportation ticket, which is at least partly paid by the employer. The employee must pay a tax according to the price of the ticket. The ticket can be used for work-related bus trips, as well as for freetime transportations. It is up to the employer to decide, whether to offer this benefit to employees.

To the employee

Ask your employer for an Employer-Subsidized Ticket!

When your employer has decided to offer the Employer-Subsidized Ticket, you can load the ticket onto your personal travelcard either in customer service or Nella online service (in finnish only).

Your employer offers you a certain selection of tickets. An Employer-Subsidized Ticket is always personal. The employee must annually report the tax authorities. Any information concerning the employee’s trips will not be handed over to employers. 

To the employer

The employer can choose Employer-Subsidized Tickets from the variety of Tampere Public Transport's tickets. The employer has to make a arrangement with Tampere Public Transport, which includes an agreement for using NellaPro web service for maintenance of ticket and employee register as well as an agreement of invoicing. It is the responsibility of the employer to keep all users’ personal information up to date.

Make sure to inform your employees on the benefit, and tell them how to acquire it and what its effects are. The employer decides the amount which will be paid in behalf of the employee. The amount can be counted in euros or percents, and it can be different for different tickets.

Remember, if you wish that the benefit will be tax-exempt for your employees, the amount must not be more than 300 € per year per employee! Each year it must be reported, what part of the ticket’s value is considered to be a part of the employee’s salary, and what amount of the ticket has the employee paid himself. These amounts are tax-deductible.

Employer-Subsidized Tickets can be loaded at customer service or Nella Nettilatauspalvelu (online service in finnish).

Please contact customer service for more information.