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Topping up your travelcard

- - latauspiste.jpgAll travelcard top-up points are marked with a blue-green joint local transport system sign. In addition to our customer service, you can top up your travel card in the following locations:

Kiosks in Tampere

All R-kiosks in Tampere; Keskustorin Kiosk, Central Square • Juvenes-kiosk Centre, Central Square • Orimus kiosk, Orimuskatu 8 • TAYS, kiosk of Pirkanmaan Kansanterveys ry

Kiosks outside Tampere

R-kiosks: Kangasala Keskusaukio, Myllystenpohjantie 2 • Lempäälä Tampereentie 25 • Nokia Välikatu 14 • Pirkkala Suupantie 2 • Ylöjärvi Mikkolantie 2 • Orivesi Keskustie 30

Markets (in Tampere)

Sokos, Veikkaus betting point • Stockmann, information point • K-Citymarket Turtola, info • Prisma Lielahti, info • Prisma Kaleva, info • Prisma Linnainmaa, info • Prisma Koivistonkylä, information point • Sale Kämmenniemi, Kämmenniemenkatu 44 • Sale Pispala, Pispalan valtatie 2

Others (in Tampere)

Matkahuolto, bus station • Cafe Campus, Kalevantie 4 • Juvenes Cafe Konehuone, Konetalo, Korkeakoulunkatu 6 A • TAMK Campus Shop, Kuntokatu 3

Single Tickets

You can buy a single ticket from the driver on the bus. The driver can refuse to accept bills larger than €20 if sufficient change is not available.

You can also buy single tickets in advance from our customer service.

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Customer service

Cards for Day Tickets

  • Customer service
  • R-kiosk, Tampere railway station
  • Juvenes Kioski Centre, Central Square Tampere
  • Matkahuolto Oy, Tampere bus station