Lost travelcard

If you lose your travelcard, please enquire your card at the customer service.

Personal travelcard

To close your card and prevent it from being used, you can call or visit the customer service. Your identity will be verified. You will be informed by phone if your card is found. If you find the card yourself, do not use it before informing the customer service. The card must reopened for use, and you will be informed when you can use the card again.

If the card is not found, you can replace it with a new one. The tickets can be transferred onto the new card. A handling fee and a card fare must be paid.

Holder-specific travelcard

Holder-specific travelcards can not be closed. The tickets can not be transferred onto another card nor compensated. If a holder-specific travelcard is returned to customer service, it will be terminated for the holder is not known.