Travelcard manual

The card devices on buses are quick and easy to use. Place your travelcard or tourist ticket onto to card reader every time you enter a bus - also when you transfer from bus to bus. Place your card on the circle. You can remove the card once the reader has given a sound and light signal.

The card reader display informs

  • online ticket loading

 If you wish the information to stay on the display longer, just keep the card on the reader. You can also ask for a balance printout on a bus or at any reloading place.

Paying for friends

With a Value Ticket you can also pay your friends' trips, if they fit to your travelcard's age-group (same or lower). When entering the bus, just place the travelcard to the card reader as many times as there are passengers you want to pay for. First payment is for your own trip (for example season ticket) and the others are charged from the stored value ticket. When a group is travelling and a single travelcCard is used for paying the trips, the last person to get of the bus must hold on to the travelcard.

Paying the night fare

The night fare is charged in buses operating between 00:00am – 04:40am in addition to normal fares. You can pay the fare either in cash or with a Value Ticket on your travelcard, in which case the Value Ticket will be automatically charged during late-night hours. In case a first trip has been paid before midnight, a late-night extra fee must be paid with transfers made after midnight.

Lights on card reader devices

A green light in the circle and on the upper panel stands for authorized entry. Your card has good balance. - - - vihrea.jpg
A yellow light tells you that your balance is getting low. The less green, the less balance there is on the card. A green light in the circle stands for authorized entry. - - - vihrea_keltainen.jpg
A red light in the circle and on the upper panel with five sound signals indicates that there is no ticket on the card or the ticket is not valid. You must pay the fare in cash and reload your travel card. - - - punainen.jpg
If only the sides of the upper panel are red and you hear five sound signals, the night fare must be paid in cash. A green light in the circle stands for authorized entry. - - - pun_vihrea_pun.jpg