Night fare

The night fare is charged in all zone areas between 00.00- 04.40 a.m. in addition to the normal fare. If the trip is paid before midnight, the fare must be paid together with any transfer made after midnight.

You can pay the fare in cash or with a Value Ticket, in which case it is charged automatically and the fare is cheaper. You cannot pay only the night fare with a Value Ticket.

There is no night fare for children under 7, passengers in a wheelchair or passengers travelling with a child in a pram or a stroller, assistants to a visually impaired or an intellectually disabled passengers (the need for an assistant is ascertained by showing the vision impaired card or the membership card of Tampereen Kehitysvammaisten Tuki Ry) nor passengers using Day tickets or some special tickets.


All zones

Value Ticket 2,60 €
Cash 3,00 €