You can pay your trips in many ways:
Value or season ticket loaded onto a travel card
Mobile ticket
Cash in a bus or
Day ticket.

Debit and credit cards can only be used in ticket applications.

The whole trip must be paid with one ticket. If your ticket zones will not cover the whole trip, you can pay an alternative trip with value ticket, mobile ticket or cash.

Night Fare

The night fare is charged in all zone areas between 00.00- 04.40 a.m. in addition to the normal fare.The fare must also be paid together with any transfer made after midnight.

You can pay the fare in cash or with a Value Ticket, in which case it is charged automatically and the fare is cheaper. You cannot pay only the night fare with a Value Ticket for your companion.

There is no night fare for children under 7, passengers in a wheelchair or passengers travelling with a child in a pram or a stroller, assistants to a visually impaired or an intellectually disabled passengers (the need for an assistant is ascertained by showing the vision impaired card or the membership card of Tampereen Kehitysvammaisten Tuki Ry) nor passengers using Day tickets.


1 h   2 zones

2 h   3-6 zones

1,5 h   mobile ticket, 2-6 zones

All tickets include the right to transfer from bus to bus. You may transfer only in the zones you have bought your ticket for. When transferring, show your ticket to the driver or place your travelcard or mobile ticket onto the card reader.

Age groups

Kausilipun voi käyttää loppuun, vaikka ikäryhmä muuttuisi lipun voimassaoloaikana.


25 years and older


17 to 24 years old


7 to 16 years old


Children under 7 years may travel free of charge when accompanying a paying traveller. When a child is travelling alone, he or she can use children's tickets.


65 years and older