Bags and other luggage

There is no charge for luggage. The driver decides whether to take large items on the bus, depending on the situation. The goods must be carefully packed.

Always keep the bag in your lap or on the floor - the bench is for other passengers. Lower your backpack while standing if there are many passengers. This way, there is more space and the backpack does not interfere with the travel comfort of others.

Eating snacks on the bus is not desirable. Refreshments can be enjoyed in cups or bottles that can be closed. The use of intoxicants and tobacco products during the trip and at stops is prohibited.

You may not carry flammable liquids, explosives or other substances that are dangerous to people and equipment.

Bicycles, wheelchairs and other means of transport

Various means of transport and assistance can be transported if there is space for them. If necessary, wait for the next trip. Make sure that the device stays in place and does not cause inconvenience to other passengers. Electronic means of transport must be switched off during the journey and must not be charged on public transport.

Paid means of transport

  • Bicycles, electric bicycles or kick bicycles for those over 7 years of age
  • Electric Scooters
  • Large balance boards (self-balancing)

For the vehicle you must pay a single ticket (mobile, value or cash) according to your own age group, as well as a night fee from 00.00 to 04.40. You can pay for your own trip with the ticket of your choice (eg season ticket). Avoid peak times (school and commute traffic 7-9 and 15-18).

Free means of transport and assistance

Boarding with a wheelchair or electric wheelchair is free of charge. The assistant's trip is also free if the destination is shared. For safety reasons, electric wheelchairs are only transported on buses with a wheelchair symbol.

Prams and pushchairs can be picked up free of charge. The child should travel in prams or pushchairs throughout the trip. Free of charge also applies to participating children under 7 years of age.

There is no charge for the following means of transport, but the passenger must pay for his own journey in the normal way:

  • Rollators (can be picked up from the front or middle door)
  • Folded bicycles
  • Means of transport under 7 years of age (children under 7 years of age travel free of charge)
  • Skateboards, including electric
  • Kickboards
  • Scouts, including electric
  • Small 1- or 2-wheel electric balance boards

Prohibited means of transport

The following means of transport and assistance are not carried on the bus for safety and space reasons:

  • Goods bikes, recumbent bikes, tricycles for over 7 years of age and other large bicycles
  • Kick sleds, with wheels or feet
  • Roller-like four-wheelers with legs
  • Large scooters