Stop number

Each bus stop has a stop number that allows you to search for stop-specific timetables, for example.

The stop numbers are displayed on the stop signs. In addition, stop numbers can be found in the lists of stops available in the Journey Planner and the transit map.

Electronic timetable displays

There are electronic timetable displays at some stops and public places. At stops, the displays show the minutes until the arrival of the next bus or tram. For some of the routes the displays show real  time information, for others scheduled arrival times. The arrival time is shown as minutes when the dispay tells the real arrival time.

Stopping the bus

At a stop, please give a clear signal to the driver early enough. Hold your hand up until the driver indicates to show that he/she is going to stop. Giving a clear signal is particularly important when roads are icy  or it is dark. Use a luminous tag to improve your visibility.