Why do the digital services display schedules both as clock times and as minutes?

The schedules display minutes when the bus is connected to a real-time tracking system.
Occasionally, there may be errors in the tracking device of a bus or the entire system, in which case the estimated arrival time of the bus is displayed as clock time.

Interruptions and fringe areas in information networks cause errors in the system. The bus equipment may be disconnected due to vibrations in road sections with poor condition or in construction areas.

Do the buses have air conditioning? Why is it hot on a bus?

The inside temperatures of buses are regulated by various means, depending on the age of the bus. Some buses have automatic air conditioning, some have manual systems and some have no air conditioning at all.

In older buses, the driver can set the temperature of the bus. Such buses have no cooling system, which means that the bus can get hot during warm weather.
In most new buses, the temperature is set to +22 °C in the summer. In the winter, passengers wear thicker clothing, which is why the temperature is set to +18 °C.

Repeatedly opening the large doors of the bus at stops creates a challenge in cooling. The cooling may not be able to keep up with the varying temperatures, which is why even the buses with air conditioning can get hot in the summer.

Passengers should not open the sunroofs of the bus but inform the driver. The sunroofs are for emergency exit and can be broken or detached if opened incorrectly. In that case, the passenger is liable for the cost of the repairs.

We recommend giving feedback on passenger comfort to the driver or later using an online form.

Why don’t the buses follow the schedules displayed at the stops?

The paper schedules at stops show the estimated route times of the bus. They are based on average route times. The fluency of traffic and potential traffic jams impact the timing of the buses, which is why it is not always possible to arrive at the stop precisely on schedule.

Why can’t I see a bus in Lissu or in mobile apps?

If the error concerns one bus, there is an error in the location device of the bus. Another possibility is that the device has not yet been installed on the bus. If several buses are missing from the system, there is likely a fault in telecommunications, which is usually corrected quickly. On the weekends, such corrections may take more time than during weekdays.

How do I read the schedules?

The paper schedules report the exact time of departing from the terminal or the terminus of the line. The terminal can be, for example, the Central Square from where the bus punctually departs, heading for the other end of the line. The first column shows the hour of departure on a coloured background (or the combination of several hours), the next column displays the minutes of departure.

Why do the buses always arrive at the stop at the same time? Couldn’t their schedules be evened out?

The aim is to stagger the headways of bus lines on their shared route sections as evenly as possible. However, there are some sections where uneven headways tend to happen.

The lines operating from different directions arrive at their terminuses (e.g. the centre of Tampere) at the same time, especially in commute and school transport, when the aim is to reach the destination at the same time. This also enables passengers to make their planned connections. This is why some buses end up in the same route sections at the same time when approaching their terminus, thus creating queues of buses.

The schedules have been designed according to passengers’ needs. The varying distances and headways of the lines as well as cost-efficiency must be taken into consideration in the planning. In addition, other traffic and weather conditions also have an impact on the timing.

Can I be reimbursed if the bus never arrived?

Sometimes, the bus may not arrive due to technical or external reasons. Accidents or difficult weather conditions may also prevent the departure of a bus.

Complaints will be handled on a case-by-case basis. As a rule, costs and indirect losses resulting from the absence of a single trip are not compensated. However, the lack of substitutable connections may be taken into account when assessing the situation.

Why did the bus not arrive at my stop?

The route schedules are estimates and may not be precisely accurate. The bus may be late due to technical or human reasons. In the worst-case scenario, different factors accumulate and the delay increases.

The purpose of setting up strict schedules is to ensure that the buses are not early. Sometimes, the bus may not arrive due to a technical fault. In that case, you need to wait for the next one or, if possible, take an alternative bus line. Technical faults are sudden, making it very difficult to inform the passengers, and usually the next bus has already fixed the situation before the information reaches them.

I purchased a ticket from customer service but can’t see it in Nella yet. Don’t these systems interact with each other?

After purchases have been made in customer service, the information is updated in Nella when the register at the loading point is closed. The data is usually transferred at the end of the day.

I have forgotten my username to the Nella service. What should I do?

For security reasons, a forgotten username cannot be restored. If you forget your username, you should create a new username and use it to log in to the service.

A forgotten password can be restored by clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link.

Can I bring a bicycle on a bus?

Yes, if there is room for it. Enter the bus with your bicycle through the middle doors and place it in the open space in the middle of the bus. We do not recommend bringing a bicycle during rush hours (e.g. commute hours and school journeys).

In addition to your own fare, pay a fee in line with your age group for the bicycle by using a Stored Value Ticket or cash. You can bring a folding bike on a bus free of charge if you carry it folded. From midnight to 4.40 a.m., a night fare will be charged for both the passenger and the bicycle.

Example 1 » A student travels across 2 zones carrying a bicycle. She pays for her trip using a Stored Value Ticket by scanning her Nysse Card twice with the card reader. The first charge is the student price, i.e. EUR 1.36. The second charge is the adult price of EUR 1.88 as the bicycle is not covered by the student discount.

Example 2 » A father enters a bus with two children. The two-year-old sits in a stroller and the four-year-old has a balance bicycle. They can all enter the bus through the middle doors free of charge as anyone travelling with a child in a stroller and their other children under the age of 7 are allowed to travel free of charge.

Example 3 » A passenger travels across 3 zones carrying a bicycle. He pays for his trip using a Season Ticket. There is no value left on the Stored Value Ticket, so he pays a fee in line with his age group for the bicycle in cash.

Can an A-B Ticket be “updated” as an A-B-C Ticket?

The zones of a Stored Value Ticket can be changed in the Nella online service when purchasing a new ticket. The loading points and customer service can change the zones without purchases.

The zones of a Season Ticket can not be changed during the ongoing season. However, the ticket can be refunded, if necessary, at customer service. Then you can purchase and/or start a new Season Ticket with the required zones. The remaining days of the ticket can be refunded (-5 € handling fee).

If your travel card has a pending season ticket with alternative zones, the ticket will start if you travel on the differ zones from the current one.

If you need to change the zones for just one trip, the driver can charge it from your Stored Value Ticket with the required zones.

I purchased a ticket online but it didn’t load on the bus. Why did I have to pay for a single ticket?

If the card reader does not load the ticket, the driver will try to load it with their own device. If the ticket is still not loaded, the passenger is sold a single ticket as the driver cannot see from the devices if a ticket has been purchased for the card online.

The passenger can apply for reimbursement from customer service if there is proof of a malfunction in the devices or in data transfer.

Passengers are not given free trips without a good reason, but the driver can use their own discretion in each situation. Especially if the passenger is a child, it must be ensured that the situation cannot be interpreted as abandonment. If a passenger is granted a trip without a ticket, the ticket inspector must be informed of the matter should they enter the bus in question.

Why can’t I update my address information in Nella?

Our customer register consists of both personal information and travel card information. To ensure that the information in the register and the travel card are consistent, the information must be simultaneously updated on the travel card and in the register. For this reason, the information is retrieved from the Population Information System when processing a travel card in our customer service.

What should I do if the default zones on my Stored Value Ticket are B-C and I need to travel in zones A-B?

If you need to travel outside your primary zones, select “maksa poikkeusmatka” (‘pay for non-default trip’) from the card reader and select the needed zones.

How do I purchase a travel card for a child? Why can’t I get a travel card through Nella?

You can obtain a travel card for a child from the Frenckell public transport service point. The parent should bring the child’s Kela card to ensure that the child’s identity can be verified when purchasing a ticket.

Nella online service requires strong authentication using, for example, banking credentials, which is why you cannot purchase a card for a child through Nella.

Can I load both value and a Season Ticket to the same travel card?

Yes, you can. In the Nella online service, for example, you can select multiple products into your shopping cart, in other words you can load both a Stored Value Ticket and purchase a Season Ticket. You can also load two different products in our customer service.

Can two pensioners paying with the same card get the discount between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.?

No, they cannot. The senior discount is only allowed for the first passenger, whereas the fare for the second passenger is the normal adult charge.

Will I be automatically granted the senior discount when I turn 65?

Yes, you will. The senior benefit is automatically updated on your Tampere Travelcard according to your age.

Do those entering the bus through the middle door using a walker need to pay for their trip?

Yes, the fare must be paid at the front door. To ensure a safe trip, we recommend using an assistant or one of the PALI service buses that provide excellent services.

Are exchange students granted student benefits?

Student benefits can only be used with a personal travel card for which you need a Finnish personal identity code. Contact the Local Register Office when applying for a personal identity code.

Please note that anyone under the age of 25 is eligible for youth tickets that are the same price as student tickets. Youth tickets can also be loaded to holder-specific travel cards that do not require a personal identity code.

Why must those aged 30 or older present a study grant decision when applying for student benefits?

An affirmative study grant decision from Kela is used to verify that the person over the age of 30 is a full-time student. This policy is based on Tampere City Council’s decision on 30 May 2001. Restricting the number of those covered by the benefit is a matter of finance as the discounts come with expenses. The age limit is applied as most full-time students are under 30 years of age.

The same policy is followed in other large Finnish cities. Education, study or labour market support granted by other parties do not entitle individuals to student benefits in public transport. For further information on these decisions, contact the Registry Office of the City of Tampere of the City Archives.

Why are student benefits only available for a personal travel card?

Student tickets are personal, in other words only the owner of the travel card is allowed to use them. When applying for a personal travel card, the customer’s information is checked from the Population Information System. This enables us to verify the residential information required for the benefit.

Personal tickets cannot be loaded to holder-specific travel cards as the customer information is not saved.

Can I purchase value for my travel card on a bus?

No, you cannot. You can buy tickets for your travel card in the Nella online service, in customer service or from travel card distributors.

Can I pay my fare using a debit or credit card?

The buses do not have the equipment for charging debit or credit cards. The schedules in local public transport are strict and using a bank card might slow down traffic. In the blue buses of Tampere Public Transport, fares can be paid using a travel card or cash.

Why didn’t the bus driver accept my EUR 50 banknote?

For safety reasons, the drivers only have small amounts of change, which is why we ask our customers to pay their fares using smaller notes or coins. In addition, the authenticity of larger notes cannot be verified on a bus.

Can I load a new Season Ticket to my travel card in advance?

Yes, you can. The new ticket will not be valid until the old ticket has been fully used. The new ticket will become valid the next time you use a bus. You can buy a new ticket in the middle of a holiday, for example.

Where can I check the value available on my travel card?

You can check the value on any travel card with the card reader when paying your fare on a bus. You can also ask for a value receipt from the driver. All the distributors can also provide receipts. The value on a personal travel card is also displayed in the Nella online service.

What is the difference between a personal and a holder-specific Tampere Travelcard?

A personal travel card can be acquired by a person with a Finnish personal identity code. A travel card includes more extensive services, such as online top-up, deactivation service and replacement of a lost card.

A holder-specific card can be obtained by anyone as the customer information is not saved. Only the age group is recorded on the card.

Can I obtain a Tampere Travelcard if I don’t live in Tampere?

Yes, you can. A day ticket is also available for occasional travel in Tampere. You can load travel days on it whenever you are in the city. Find more information on the day ticket here.

Can I use a travel card to pay my friend’s fare as well?

You can pay the fare of your friend using a Stored Value Ticket loaded to your travel card if their age group is the same as yours or lower. In that case, scan the travel card with the card reader of the bus twice (or as many times as the number of passengers whose fares you are paying).

The card reader first charges your fare on the travel card (e.g. Stored Value Ticket, Season Ticket, discount Stored Value Ticket charge for students or seniors) and the other fare is charged from the travel card based on the normal price of your age group.

Can I use the travel card to pay in places other than a bus?

A Stored Value Ticket loaded to a personal travel card can be used to pay for indoor swimming pool and gym fees in Tampere, Nokia and Ylöjärvi. In Tampere, a Stored Value Ticket loaded to a holder-specific travel card is also valid for sports services. Please note that the prices and age limits of sports services are different from the policies of public transport.

Where can I travel with a pram free of charge?

A passenger travelling with a child in a pram or a stroller may travel free of charge in all zones, A-F. For safety reasons, the child must stay in the pram or stroller for the duration of the trip.

If I travel in zone area C-B-A-B-C, is the trip a three or five-zone journey?

If, for example, you travel from Tampere-Pirkkala Airport to Vatiala, i.e. in zone area C-B-A-B-C, your trip covers three zones (A-B-C). Your fare depends on how many zones you travel in, not how many times you cross zone borders.

I only want to travel in one zone, where can I find the corresponding price?

The smallest available ticket product always covers two zones. Passengers who only travel within one zone must pay their fare with a two-zone ticket. However, the cost of the trip is not increased as the current prices for two zones correspond to the one-zone prices of the previous zone system.

Are transfer times shorter in zone A-B than in the other zones?

Transfer times are not bound to specific zones but to the number of zones. In 1–2-zone trips, the transfer time is 1 hour, regardless of whether the zones are A-B or, for example, C-D. The transfer time during trips that cover 3 to 6 zones is 2 hours, regardless of the zone area (e.g. B-E or A-F).

How are the zones set up in Nella when purchasing a ticket?

In the Nella online service, select at least two adjacent zones for which you want to load value. The most common zone selection is A-B which allows travel in the Tampere area even if you only travel in zone A.

How does the Nella online service work?

The Nella online top-up service is the webshop of Tampere Regional Transport. Create a username and password to use the service. The travel cards of your entire family can be managed via a single account.

Buy a ticket to the selected travel card in Nella. The purchase is paid for using online banking credentials. The ticket is loaded to the travel card when you use any of the buses of Tampere Public Transport. The travel card is scanned with the card reader when getting on the bus, as usual. Once is enough; the device loads the ticket and charges for the trip at the same time. Do not remove the card from the device until it gives a visual and an audible signal. A Stored Value Ticket can also be loaded to the travel card by using any indoor swimming pool or gym device that accepts the Tampere Travelcard as means of payment.

The information on purchases remains on the bus devices for two weeks. If you do not use a bus within the timeframe, you can visit the customer service to load the ticket onto the travel card within two months. The deadline was set to ensure the data accumulated from purchases does not excessively slow down the functions of the bus devices.

Where can I report a broken bus stop shelter?

Broken shelters and full litter bins can be reported by e-mail to joukkoliikenne@tampere.fi. Remember to include the name and number of the stop in your message. Broken stops can also be reported by calling customer service at +358 (0)3 5656 4700.

Can a day ticket be reloaded?

Yes, but we do not recommend loading a day ticket before the old one has been fully used as the new loading cancels the old one.