Buying and using gift vouchers


You can buy a digital gift voucher on Nella. You will receive a gift voucher code by email. The code can be used to pay for purchases on the Nella Nettilataus online top-up service and our customer service.

How to buy a gift voucher

1. (Register and) log in. Select ‘Buy Gift Voucher’ from the menu.
2. Enter the desired value of the gift voucher (€10.00–120.00). The amount does not have to be a round number.
3. Add the purchase to your cart and pay for it by using your online banking codes.
4. The gift voucher code will be sent to the email address linked to your Nella user account. You can then present the code as a gift for anyone to use.

Using a gift voucher

If you receive a gift voucher code, you can use it on the Nella Nettilataus online top-up service or at the Tampere Regional Transport customer service. On Nella, the code is entered in the Shopping Cart display before payment.