Buying and topping up ticket products


First select the Travelcard for which you want to buy a ticket product. The Travelcard selected is shaded out.

1. Choose between ‘Buy Value’ and ‘Buy Period’.

2. Enter the amount or select the desired ticket period and then select the zones

When buying value, you can enter an amount between €10.00 and €120.00 (down to the cent) or you can select an amount by clicking one of the buttons displayed on the screen. The maximum value that can be purchased on Nella is €120 (Travelcard balance + purchase).

Select the zones based on your needs. You must select at least two adjacent zones to buy the product. Select additional zones if necessary. Nella will automatically display the zones from your previous top-up transaction.

Click ‘Add to cart’ to add the selected product to your cart.

3. The product has now been added to your cart. You can continue shopping and add more products to your cart.

Click the ‘Shopping Cart’ button to display the contents of your cart. Click ‘Submit Cart’ and follow the online banking instructions to pay for the product.

Benefit tickets

To buy benefit tickets, click the ‘Move to Benefit Tickets’ button displayed under the image of the Travelcard.

Nella will request authentication
• Users aged 18 years and over must use online banking codes for authentication
• Users under the age of 18 years can enter their personal identity code

Benefit tickets must always be bought using the beneficiary’s information and not, for example, the guardian’s details.


The list of Travelcards on Nella displays the purchase status of your card. The information displayed for the selected Travelcard will also show purchases that have been made but not loaded on the card yet.

Your card will be loaded automatically when you use it on a bus. Tickets can be loaded on buses no earlier than two hours after the time of purchase. The loading window is two weeks from the time of purchase. If you do not use buses during the two-week period following your purchase, the purchased ticket can still be activated within a period of two months by contacting our customer service department.

Hold your Travelcard against the card reader. Wait for the indicator light and sound. Scanning your card will take longer than usual because the device is both loading your online ticket and scanning the card for payment. If there is no ticket on the Travelcard, the ticket purchased on the online topping-up service will enter into effect. No receipt will be printed for the loading of the ticket. You can request the ticket information for your Travelcard from the driver.