Adding a Travelcard to a user account

Searching the register

1. Choose ‘Buy or Add Card’

On the screen that is displayed, you can add a card by its number, add a card by using strong authentication or buy a new Travelcard.

2. Choose ‘Move to Authentication’

This will open a page on which you need to click on the Vetuma button. You will be taken to Vetuma authentication. You can choose whether to use your online banking codes or a mobile certificate. Choose your preferred method of authentication and follow the instructions provided by the Vetuma service. Nella will save the first strong authentication for your account. On subsequent visits, it will retrieve the Travelcards of the person in question without having to repeat the Vetuma authentication procedure.

3. Back to Nella

Following successful authentication, Vetuma will send you back to the Nella Nettilataus service. Nella will indicate how many Travelcards were found in the register and add them to the account. A yellow key is displayed next to the cards retrieved from the register.