Adding a Travelcard to a user account

To add a Travelcard to a user account, use the card number or search for the card in the Tampere Public Transport customer register. Multiple Travelcards can be added to one user account; for example, the Travelcards of your entire family can be managed via a single account.

Searching for a card in the customer register

  • The page will display Travelcard’s ticket balance, basic information, top-up history and usage history. Using the search function requires online authentication that can only be performed by the cardholder.

Adding a card by entering the card number

  • The page will only display the card’s ticket information. You can use card numbers to add your children’s Travelcards to your account, for example.

The Travelcard must be a personal or company-specific Tampere Travelcard. Holder-specific Travelcards cannot be added in the online top-up service.