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Welcome to our blue busses!

Public transport in Tampere region is organized jointly between eight municipalities, Tampere, Pirkkala, Nokia, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Ylöjärvi, Vesilahti and Orivesi. The city of Tampere is the competent authority as it manages public transport’s traffic and transportation planning, ticket system, communications and customer service.

All of our buses - called Nysse - are colored blue-white so it is easy to see which bus you can hop on! The transportation services are ordered and operated by the city's own transport company and private operators.

The payment system is easy to use. Zone boundaries are primarily based on distance. The zones are named by letters A through F from the inner to the outer zone. Tickets are always valid for at least two adjacent zones (AB or BC for instance). Tampere is mainly located in zones A and B.

To get around, you can

  • purchase a Tampere travel card from our customer service or order it from our web service Nella (Finnish ID and online banking ID’s are required)
  • download the Nysse Mobiili app and buy single tickets cheaper than cash
  • buy a Day Ticket from our retailer (railway station, bus station or Tampere Central Square kiosk)
  • pay the trip with cash (only banknotes of EUR 20 and smaller cash are accepted in our buses)

Please contact our customer service in any questions.


Traffic information is mainly reported in Finnish. However, you can check the traffic information of the main public holidays from the » transport calendar.

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