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Tourist Ticket

A useful choice for occasional travellers in Tampere region!

Valid in zone 1 or

zones 1-2-3

The Tourist Ticket can be loaded onto a specific card, which is available at customer service and at several retailers. According to your needs, you can purchase the ticket just for one day or more. One day is a period of 24 hours and the validity time starts from your first trip. The Extra Night Fare will not be charged.

The Tourist Ticket is intended for personal use, so it can only be used as a payment of your own trips. You can buy the Tourist Ticket for zone one or for all three zones.

You can reload your Tourist Ticket at any reloading place using the same card as many as 30 times. Remember to recycle your card - save it for your future journeys to Tampere! Note that the new ticket will override the previous ticket, even if it is still valid!


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