Tickets & Fares

The Tampere Region adopted a common six-zone system for fares on 6 June 2016. Kangasala, Lempäälä, Nokia, Orivesi, Pirkkala, Tampere, Vesilahti and Ylöjärvi now use the same tickets, age groups and ticket benefits.

The length of a public transport journey will affect the ticket price more than beofre. Short journeys from one municipality to another became cheaper when the fare system based on municipal boundaries was replaced by a new zone model. In the new model, zone boundaries are primarily based on distance. The zones are named by letters A through F from the inner to the outer zone. Season, value and single tickets are always valid for at least two adjacent zones (AB or BC for instance).

Value Ticket, Season Tickets for 30 and 360 days and Single Tickets are accepted for the new zones (A-F). Commuter ticket, Season Tickets for 90 and 180 days and Regional Tickets are no logner sold.

The fares are based on six traffic zones A, B, C, D, E and F, and the number of zones used during the trip. The fare is always the same, whether you travel on e.g. two zones from A to B or D to E (or three zones from A to C or D to F). The fares are decided by the The committee of Tampere Regional Public Transport in the beginning of 2016. The cheapest ticket covers a journey in two zones and the most expensive ticket covers all six zones.

Buying the tickets has not changed. You can buy your tickets online (Nella Nettilataus), in our customer service or at the Travelcard reloading points.The new thing to know are the zones you will travel in. Always choose at least two adjacent zones A+B, B+C etc.).

Choosing the zones

Single Ticket
If you want to pay your bus fare in cash, please tell the driver your destination to get a ticket for the right zones.

Value Ticket or Season Ticket
You choose the primary zones when buying the ticket on your Travelcard. You can choose different zones for your Value Ticket and Season Ticket if needed (if you eg. travel to work using the Season Ticket and use the Value Ticket in a different area).

For instance 1) Maija lives in Tampere City and works in Kangasala, Pikonlinna. She buyes the Season Ticket for zones A-B-C to travel to work. Maija's parents live in Tottijärvi, Nokia. She also buys the Value Ticket for zones A-B-C-D, and when travelling to her parents, Maija asks the driver to use the Value Ticket, so that she can travel to the zone D.
For instance 2) Pekka lives in Pispala, Tampere, and is studying in Tampere city centre. The trip to the university is in zone A. Pekka chooses the cheapest Season Ticket for two zones (AB).
For instance 3) Tero arrives to Tampere by train and continues his trip to the airport. He tells the bus driver his destination and the driver sells him a Single Ticket for zones ABC.

Changing the primary zone

For Season Ticket the zones cannot be changed during their period of validity. (You can use your value ticket to pay a single fare outside your prmary zones.)

For Value Ticket you can change the primary zones when buying the ticket. You can also change the primary zone at our Customer Service or any of our reloading points without having to buy a new ticket.

To change the primary zone for only one trip - tell the driver your destination before paying your fare! For instance - you have bought the Value Ticket for zones AB, but are now travelling to zone C. The driver will set the right fare for zones ABC.