Schedules & Routes

Tampere regional transport's operating season followes mainly working and vacation schedule of basic education. The winter operating season starts in August, ending in early June. In the summer, supply is reduced to match demand - on the other hand, traffic can also be increased during a rich event offer.

Nysse's operating day differs from normal day rhythm. The traffic starts in the morning, at 03 am and ends the following night at 02.59. Thus, for example, Saturday timetables continue on Sunday.

Exceptions to national holidays can be found in the traffic calendar. Temporary exception in routes as well as other service changes are mostly informed on our website in finnish only. Important exceptions are usually informed in english in digital services, such as Transit Monitor.

Terminal schedules are the exact departure times. Terminals are mostly located in urban centres.  Timetables for the route stops are estimates. Occasionally, traffic is running more quickly, sometimes rush hour or other circumstances cause delays. You should always be at the stop on time.

Route variations and specifications are shown in the schedules with letters per minute. The explanations can be found in the timetables. For example, on weekdays 23:10P will only be run between Friday and Saturday night (P).

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