Traveller's Guide

When you take others into account when travelling, everyone will have a pleasant journey!

  1. Arrive to the bus stop early.
  2. When wishing to get on a bus, signal the bus driver by waving your hand. 
  3. Have coins and small bills available when buying a single ticket. The bus drivers do not carry large cash amounts with them, and they are not obliged to take bills over 20 € as payment. 
  4. Give room for others. 
  5. Place your bag on to your lap or on the floor – the seat next to you is for other passengers. 
  6. Take care for our common property – note the bus driver of any vandalism in the bus. 
  7. Eat before or after the bus ride, not in the bus. 
  8. When travelling with a baby carriage, use the baby carriage button. 
  9. When wishing to get off the bus, do not signal the driver too late.
  10. Let children get off the bus before you.
  11. Do not cross the road before the bus has safely left the bus stop.