How to use the digital services

Timetables Service

You can find the timetables of the desired line in the Timetables service. The service also shows the zone information for each stop. Print the timetable of your local stop and put it on your fridge door, for example.

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Journey Planner

is a free web service that helps you find the best travel routes in Tampere and its surrounding municipalities. The Journey Planner shows the lines running between the selected locations, as well as their timetables.

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Traffic Monitor

follows Nysse buses in real time. The Traffic Monitor knows when the next bus will arrive at the stop. With its mobile version, you will always have access to up-to-date information.

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Nella Online Service

is an online store for Nysse tickets from where you can order a travel card and buy different types of tickets comfortably from your own home. It also shows you the remaining ticket balance. The service is only available in Finnish.

Nella Online