Airport connections

Bus line 1A operates between Tampere city center and Tampere-Pirkkala airport.

Please note: only the buses marked with letter A run to and from the airport. The route crosses the railway station, Hämeenkatu (east), Koskipuisto and the bus station.

On line 1A, you can buy a Single Ticket from the bus or you can pay your trip with a Value Ticket or a Season Ticket loaded on the Tampere Travelcard. There are also Day Tickets to buy.

The airport locates in zone C.

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There are also direct connections from Tampere railway station to the airport with Tokeen Liikenne Oy bus. The prize of the trip is 6 € (cash only). Check the schedule at Tokeen Liikenne website.

Tampere-Pirkkala airport

Here you can find more information about Tampere-Pirkkala airport