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Public transport in Tampere region is organised jointly between eight municipalities, Tampere, Pirkkala, Nokia, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Ylöjärvi, Vesijärvi and Orivesi. With regional public transport, using the public transport system in Tampere city region will be easy and inexpensive.

Public Transport zones

Tampere Public Transport zones

Tampere, Pirkkala, Pitkäniemi (Nokia), Vatiala (Kangasala), Siivikkala (Ylöjärvi), Sääksjärvi and Höytämö (Lempäälä)
Lempäälä, Kangasala, Nokia (excluding areas of zone 1 and 3)
Vesilahti, Tottijärvi/Nokia (excluding areas of zone 1 and 2)
Ylöjärvi, line 13/Tampereen joukkoliikenne: Soppeenmäki - Vuorentausta (- Tampere)


Other zones

Tampere region: Kangasala, Lempäälä, Nokia, Pirkkala, Tampere, Ylöjärvi
Orivesi (will be part of the system in 2016)

Tampere Public Transport develops its services to meet the needs of all the residents at Tampere region. Our goal is to provide a public transportation service, which is easy and comfortable to use for commuting to work, school, hobbies or to other places in free time.

By developing public transportation services, we also offer important services and do our share in promoting an environmentally friendly way of transportation.

Welcome to our blue busses!