Tampere City Public Transport

One for all

Tampere City Public Transport develops its services to meet the needs of all the residents at Tampere. Our goal is to provide a public transportation service, which is easy and comfortable to use for commuting to work, school, hobbies or to other places in free time.

By developing public transportation services, we also offer important services and do our share in promoting an environmentally friendly way of transportation.

Continuous development at Tampere

As the purchaser unit, Tampere City Public Transport’s tasks include purchasing public transport include, planning bus lines and routes as well as timetables, maximizing efficient vehicle use, carrying out financial clearing among service providers in joint local transport, maintaining the ticket sales network, planning fares and service traffic, providing general information on public transport and marketing.

In addition, the purchaser unit obtains transport services on a competitive basis when required. The unit also evaluates the need for and development of public transport, directs the development of fare collection and information systems, and develops and  coordinates regional cooperation in public transport.

Good service from many service providers

Joint local transport system is the common agreement of the City of Tampere and its transport operators on a uniform bus ticket and fare system at Tampere area. This means that you can pay your bus trip at Tampere area with Tampere Public Transport tickets as well as certain Matkahuolto tickets. The busses in joint local transportation system are marked with a blue-green sign on the front.

Joint local transport system operators are:

  • Tampereen kaupunkiliikenne (TKL)
  • Väinö Paunu Oy 
  • Länsilinjat Oy 
  • Helmikkala KY 
  • Veolia Transport Tampere (Alhonen & Lastunen Oy) 
  • Valkeakosken Liikenne Oy 
  • Luopioisten linja Oy.